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Advantages of retainers

  • Perfectly straight teeth

  • Formed to fit directly into your mouth

  • Keep your normal eating habits

  • Choose from fixed or removable

What Are Retainers?

When braces are removed, the teeth can quickly relapse back to their original position. As a result, the teeth need to be held in their new straight position while the gums and jaw bone "firm up". This is achieved by using fixed and/or removable retainer over a number of years.

As we age, our jaws continue to grow and our teeth become more crooked as part of the normal ageing process. This still happens after brace treatment, so we recommend indefinite use of retainers. The amount of wear can be reduced slowly over a period of years, but we still advise occasional use in the long term to maintain your orthodontic result in later years.

Advantages of Fixed Retainers

Once permanent retainers fitted you don’t have to worry about them anymore. No remembering where you put them.

There is less of a chance of your teeth migrating back to the previous positions because they are held in place 100% of the time.

Since they are glued to the back of your teeth, they aren’t visible at all from the outside. In pictures and day-to-day interactions, all people will notice is your beautiful smile!

Disadvantages of Fixed Retainers

Flossing is already a difficult thing to motivate people to do. Permanent retainers add a little extra time and effort for flossing between the teeth the retainer is attached to.

We will teach you how and give you the tools to make it pretty quick, but it will add a little time to your oral care routine.

Because they are secured onto your teeth at all times, they are more susceptible to build-up forming around them. This makes it even more important to be diligent about taking care of your teeth and sticking to your scheduled dental cleanings to avoid plaque and cavities.

Advantages of Removable Retainers

There are multiple types of removable retainers to choose from which include virtually invisible clear retainers. Removable retainers are simple to use. They are formed to fit directly into your mouth and we do our best to make them as comfortable as possible for you to wear.

When you take removable retainers out, it’s very easy to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly because there’s nothing in the way.

Disadvantages of Removable Retainers

Removable retainers need to be taken out before eating, playing sports, and other activities. This means you may need your case handy.

When you’re wearing a removable metal retainer, it is quite noticeable. A metal wire will be visible on the outside of your teeth and wearing this kind of retainer may cause a mild speech impediment while it’s being worn.

Ultimately, you’re the one who will be privy to the benefits and drawbacks of either type of retainer, so make the decision carefully and with your own best interests at heart.

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